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Rating: G
Summary: Ed thinks back to younger times, when things were less lonely.
Word Count: 214
Warnings: N/A
Notes: This is inspired by prompt 140, and I immediately thought of the Kids OVA.

Edward sat in the chair, simply staring at the photograph. He wondered what Al would think if he knew how things were now, with computers, and the internet. A whole different kind of technology than what was prevalent ten years ago.

He missed Al. He wished that things had been different, that he could've stayed in Risembool, and made a different life for himself.

He set the photo on his lap, and zoned out slightly, while he looked at the photo across the room, of him and the old head of the science department, back at his old college. He missed Doctor Johnson more than he would like to admit. He missed working on theories for hours, with the man.

He missed doing that with Al, too.

But, it was easier to think about Doctor Johnson than Al.

He wondered how everyone else from the lab was doing. Then, he started wondering if anyone else was still alive. He knew he shouldn't think such morbid thoughts on his birthday, but he couldn't help it. He was old, and his mind wandered.

Hearing his doorbell ring jarred Edward back to the present.

Gently setting the picture of him and Al on the coffee table, he slowly stood up to greet his grandchildren at the door.
Tags: character: edward elric, fandom: fullmetal alchemist, fanfiction, rating: g

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